My life and career has never followed the well-worn paths of most professional people. Started my family during my teens, soon becoming a mother of seven. It was not until my late thirties that school actually entered my life. after upgrading a little to hide the lack of a high school education, I entered university in Alberta and soon found myself on the path of becoming a veterinarian.

While others pursued hobbies and careers, I balanced teenagers, horses and pets, family life and university. After graduation it was only 12 months before I purchased my veterinary practice. Once established, I purchased my first camera as a means of relaxation and further artisitic stimulation.

Photography is fast becoming an intrinsic part of my life. Kids grown and on their own, my photographic interests started innocently enough. Taking pictures of things in and around my world opened my eyes to things about his world that others seem to take for granted.

My initial interests are steadily evolving. Many influences have affected my photography. After taking many courses online, and at a local college in the evening, my photographic interest have expanded to include nature and wildlife, culture and travel, and recently portraiture of family, bellies and babies, pets and our environment.

As a tribute to some of the people that have influenced me along ever my ever-expanding photographic path, I have included links to their websites so that all who enter this site can enjoy and grow as I did in the art of photography

Marg Wood